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What is the normal turn around time for an order?

The turn around time depends on the order, in all cases we get the job done as fast as possible.

Can I place an order by email or phone?

Yes, either option is the easiest way for you to place an order. You will be given a “Quick Price,” which is an estimated cost based on your information provided. We will then provide you with a proof, returned to your email address or by fax. Once your approval is returned, you will be contacted by a salesperson or will be asked to provide payment online. You will be contacted once your order is completed.

Can you ship my order?

Of course. Your order can be shipped via UPS or other requested shipper to any location. You will be provided with a tracking number and will only be charged what the actual cost is to ship your order.

What exactly is Computer Cut Vinyl?

It’s just like it says – bascally a big sticker cut out of adhesive vinyl to a certain shape. We then transfer this over to vinyl banners/signs/vehicles, etc…

Can you print a picture on my sign?

Yes. Please keep in mind that if you provide us with a picture that we have to scan, the output quality will only match the input quality. If you provide us with a poor quality image with a low resolution, unfortunately the final product will be of lesser quality.

What is DPI?

DPI stands for Dots Per Square Inch, which is the measure of the density of ink dots used to reproduce an image. The more DPI an image has the better the image quality will be and the larger the picture can be printed at a high quality.

What is meant by CMYK?

CMYK refers to the printing inks used in four-color (full color) process printing. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black are the only four colors used to produce full-color photographs and designs. These colors can be combined and printed to emulate a wide range of other colors. To get a close color match you need to know or pick out the CMYK profile.

Can you guarantee an exact color match?

No. It is very hard to match a color without a CMYK profile.

Why does my picture look clear on my computer screen but jagged and blurry when you increase the size to put it on my sign?

Unfortunately it comes down to the number of dots (pixels) that your picture has, and how your eye blurs dots that are very close together. Your computer monitor can only display between 72-100 dots of information in every inch of screen (72-100 DPI). Print quality images should be created using 175 DPI at the absolute minimum and preferably at least 300 DPI. IF you want really clean quality printing that ensures absolutely smooth edges, 600 DPI will guarantee a great print.